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The natural choice for business

Husk Distillers

The whole idea of establishing our business was to capture the provenance of a region in a spirit, so rum became our thing. It’s a French-style agricole rum made using fresh cane juice – only 3 per cent of the world’s rum is produced this way.

We use local cane varieties from our farm here in the Tweed, which has what the French call ‘terroir’. The spirit is imbued with the natural character of the area in which it is produced; the soil, the water, the geology and the seasons are all part of the end product. Biodiversity is also important, as we are custodians of a 12-hectare remnant Gondwanan rainforest on the property.

The changing landscapes between the ocean, the mountains and the valley make the Tweed a very special place. This Northern Rivers region is becoming known for the quality of its producers, so being here just works for us and our business.

Paul and Harriet Messenger, Co-founders, Husk Distillers

Husk Distillers success story