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The natural choice for business

SAE Group

SAE Group started in 2010 with the aim of turning Australia renewable. We’re not going to stop until we hit that target. We chose to set up our business in the Tweed because we enjoy living on the Tweed Coast and we knew we could attract good quality staff who also live in the area. We wanted to set ourselves apart and get away from the main centres of Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The growth has been exponiential because there is a real need and a genuine interest in the community for sustainable products, including solar and renewable energy.

We are on a mission to switch Australia to solar energy and that’s definitely our way of making sure we leave the Tweed in a better place than we found it. The Tweed is a great place to start up a local business as it has a great local feel, a good community and Council behind you.

Nathan Gudsell, Founder, SAE Group

SAE Group success story